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Welcome to AieLEAD

Aie LEAD is a dynamic platform dedicated to empowering young minds to realize their full potential. Led by Lara Ghanime Khneisser, a Structure of Intellect Certified Learning Specialist with extensive experience in education and personal development, we offer a holistic approach to support the cognitive, emotional, and mental wellbeing of young people. Through personalized guidance, transformative programs, and collaborative partnerships with service providers, we address a wide range of challenges faced by today’s youth. From cognitive skills training to emotional support and community collaboration, Aie LEAD strives to create a nurturing environment where every individual can flourish and thrive. Join us on this journey of growth and empowerment, where every step forward is guided by intention and fueled by potential. Welcome to Aie LEAD – where every young person is empowered to lead with purpose.

Brief about EMW

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Our “Emotional & Mental Wellbeing” section offers a compassionate space where visitors discover invaluable resources tailored to their needs. Whether seeking strategies for coping, insightful tips for self-care, or connections to supportive organizations and individuals, we provide comprehensive support for navigating life’s challenges. Explore a wealth of tools and guidance to nurture your emotional and mental health, empowering you to thrive.

Brief about SOI

Step into “Structure of Intellect (SOI) with Lara,” where individuals of all abilities discover a tailored cognitive skills training program. Led by Lara Ghanime Khneisser, our platform provides personalized strategies to enhance learning capabilities. Whether aspiring, gifted, or facing learning challenges, explore our transformative approach to unlock your full potential and achieve academic excellence.

Brief about Blogs and how they can influence what I write

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Dive into our dynamic “Blogs” section, where fresh insights are served monthly on topics impacting young adults. Drawing from current news, founder Lara Ghanime Khneisser’s personal experiences, and your suggestions, we explore effective strategies for navigating life’s challenges. Join us on a journey of growth and empowerment as we delve into timely issues and share valuable insights for young adults.

About Us section

Welcome to Aie LEAD, where collaboration is at the heart of our mission to empower young minds to reach their highest potential. Founded by Lara Ghanime Khneisser, a Structure of Intellect Certified Learning Specialist, our vision extends beyond traditional mentorship, embracing a diverse range of expertise and skills united by a common goal: to support the holistic development of young people.

With over 9 years of experience as a school principal, academic and subject coordinator, and full-time teacher, Lara brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to our platform. Additionally, her 7 years in curriculum development and teaching tools development further enrich our offerings.

At Aie LEAD, we hold steadfast to our core beliefs, guiding our approach and shaping our interactions with every individual we serve:

  • Learning is the cornerstone of unlocking life’s greatest opportunities.
  • Experience serves as the validation of acquired knowledge and skills, laying the foundation for growth.
  • Achievement not only fuels motivation but also reinforces confidence and affirms personal evolution.
  • Development is the inherent aim of every human being, driving us to continually strive towards becoming a better version of ourselves.
  • Intention is the strongest drive. We help learners identify their goals so that they love to LEAD with intent.

Lara’s dedication to personal development is further underscored by her Bronze level certification in Public Speaking and Leadership skills development.

With these principles guiding us, Aie LEAD envisions itself as a beacon of support, serving as a comprehensive hub for personal, emotional, mental, and professional guidance for children from a young age to adolescents and young adults alike. Our goal is to establish ourselves as a reference point, offering a nurturing environment where every individual can flourish and thrive.

Join us on this transformative journey as we collaborate, learn, and grow together, shaping a future where every young person has the tools and support they need to realize their dreams and aspirations. We continuously invite new collaborators and suggestions from our young users, ensuring our offerings remain relevant and responsive to their evolving needs. Join us as we forge partnerships and foster a community dedicated to empowering young minds. Welcome to Aie LEAD – where potential knows no bounds

Page about SOI

Unlocking the Story of SOI: A Journey of Understanding Human Intelligence

Unravel the fascinating story behind SOI: a pioneering approach to understanding human intelligence. From wartime challenges to modern-day education, delve into its origins, its transformative impact beyond IQ, and the significance of unlocking cognitive potential. Discover how SOI empowers learners and educators alike. Join us on a journey of exploration and enlightenment. Read more to uncover the full narrative


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The Origins of SOI

During the tumultuous 1940s, amidst the chaos of war, the United States faced a pressing need to identify and deploy top-tier talent. Despite recruiting individuals with exemplary IQ scores, perfect vision, and optimal health for the Air Corps, a surprising number were unable to pass the rigorous training phase. Enter Dr. J.P. Guilford, a pioneering psychometrician tasked with unraveling this conundrum.

Guilford, armed with his expertise in human intelligence, embarked on a meticulous investigation. By categorizing recruits into two groups—those who succeeded in training and those who faltered—he aimed to discern the critical factors differentiating them. Through rigorous testing, Guilford and his team uncovered distinct intellectual disparities between the two groups.

Inspired by these findings, Guilford devised a groundbreaking paper-pencil test to serve as a screening tool for the Air Corps. The implementation of this test resulted in a remarkable reduction in dropout rates, paving the way for enhanced recruitment strategies.

Fuelled by this success, Guilford secured funding for the next two decades to delve deeper into the intricacies of human intellect. From his research emerged a transformative model for understanding intelligence and its application in learning and education.

SOI: Beyond IQ

Decades ago, intelligence was often equated with a person’s IQ score. However, this narrow perspective failed to capture the multifaceted nature of human intelligence. The Structure of Intellect (SOI) emerged as a paradigm shift, offering a holistic understanding of cognitive abilities.

SOI enables us to decipher the complexities behind learning disparities. Why does one student excel in reading but struggle with comprehension, while another demonstrates profound understanding yet requires assistance in reading? The answer lies in understanding each individual’s cognitive profile.

With SOI, we transcend mere numerical labels and delve into the underlying reasons for academic challenges. By identifying and addressing specific cognitive weaknesses, we empower educators, parents, and learners to adopt proactive strategies for improvement.

The Significance of Understanding Intellect

Our cognitive abilities influence every facet of our lives, from early childhood development to career choices and daily decision-making. Consider the simple act of selecting a meal from a restaurant menu—our cognitive profile influences how we perceive and approach this task.

Some may rely on visual cues, others on textual descriptions, while some may prioritize cost comparisons. Understanding the thought processes behind these decisions offers profound insights into human cognition.

By gaining a deeper understanding of our own intellect and that of others, we enhance our capacity to make informed decisions and foster empathetic interactions.

Join us on a journey to explore the nuances of human intelligence through the SOI model. Together, let’s unlock the potential within each mind and pave the way for a brighter future.

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The SOI process:

The Structure of Intellect (SOI) process involves several key steps:

  1. Assessment: The process begins with a comprehensive assessment to evaluate an individual’s cognitive strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Analysis: Once the assessment is complete, the results are analyzed to identify specific areas of strength and areas for improvement. This analysis helps to create a detailed cognitive profile for the individual.
  3. Intervention Planning: Based on the analysis, personalized intervention plans are developed to target the identified areas for improvement and build upon the areas of strength.
  4. Implementation: This involves between 80 and 100hrs of regular fun weekly sessions, homework assignments, and ongoing monitoring of progress.
  5. Progress Monitoring: Throughout the intervention process, progress is closely monitored to track improvements and adjust the intervention plan as needed. A mid program progress report in produced.
  6. Adjustment and Refinement: Based on ongoing progress monitoring, the intervention plan is adjusted and refined. This may involve modifying exercises, introducing new strategies, or addressing emerging challenges.
  7. Long-term Support: Even after the intervention plan is completed, long-term support may be provided. This may involve periodic assessments, booster sessions, and ongoing support from me.

Overall, the SOI process is designed to provide personalized support and interventions to enhance cognitive abilities, address learning challenges, and unlock individual potential.

The investment

The client intake process involving History taking, Assessment, Analysis, and Intervention planning.

+ mid program progress report

+ post program assessment and report analysis.


The implementation process which can be tailored as per budget and time availability.

  • Twice a week, 1 hour per session
  • Three times a week, 1.5 hours per session
  • Three times a week, 1 hour per session

    each session is 50GBP

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